Jonna Twitter Pic Archive 2010
This site has always maintained disgression between Jonna's personal and professional life. It is out of respect to her right to privacy.
Jonna does post pics of events she attends in her personal life on Social Media sites to share with family, friends and fans. Since she makes public some private moments, I have added (with her permission) this section to share those same pics with fans that visit this site, that do not use social media sites.

November 22, 2010 - Faster Premiere



November 14, 2010 - Tangled Premiere



October 2010 - Florida International Film Festival FIFF promotion for the film BONES

September 2010 - On the set of the Sweet Serendipity Video



August 2010 - Pics with cast members for No Ordinary Family


2010 - Various pictures without a known origin date

Jonna with friends
Jonna with friends
Jonna with friends
Jonna and her niece